Thsese characters appear in the TBC (Thousand Book Challenge) edition of NL, the version that includes Amy Pelham. 



Bastet: Black panther

Lyonesse: Lioness

Beowulf: Red wolf

Brushytail: Red fox

Yo-yo: Coyote 

Perry: Peregrine falcon

Ayatzi: Horse 

Chip: Chipmunk 

Dale:  Chipmunk 

Snowtips: Bobcat

Meddma:  Hamster

Terry: Rabbit 

Liam: Mouse


Amy Pelham:  Reporter seeking truth about theris. Didn't want quite this much of it.

Richard Doherty:  New head of the BTC. Not sure he quite understands the place.

Jason Rayvern:  Longtime agent in the BTC. Passionate advocate for theris. Bastet's "man on the outside".

Alisa Hall: Secretary to several heads of the BTC (they tend not to last). Jason's ally.


Thomas Murphy: Polar bear form. Member of TAPT.

Luke Brewer: Jackrabbit form. Member of TAPT.

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